Gas Regulations and Standards

Each state and territory within Australia and New Zealand has its own Legislation in the form of Acts and Regulations.

Published standards set out the minimum safety requirements and current industry practice. Where referred to in legislation, these standards become law and must be complied with. Some of the more frequently used standards for gas pipelines and installations include:

AS/NZS 1425 LP Gas fuel systems for vehicle engines
AS/NZS 1596 The storage and handling of LP Gas
AS 2885 Pipelines - Gas and liquid petroleum
AS/NZS 4645 Gas distribution networks
AS/NZS 5601 Gas installations

Many other standards relating to gas installations have been published, if you are not familiar with what standard it is recommended that you contact the local technical regulator.

Australian and New Zealand standards are available to be purchased at the following links:

Standards Australia

Standards New Zealand